Help re-elect Humza

Humza and the Campaign Team

The campaign for the 2021 Scottish Parliamentary Elections will be unlike any other, due to restrictions in place to stop the spread of Covid-19. We cannot currently go out delivering campaign literature or chatting on doorsteps about my vision for Glasgow Pollok and what Scotland could be – or else I would be asking for your help with this.

Turn the post box into your ballot box

Postal voting is the safest way to vote. You’ll be able to vote in a way which reduces your risk from the virus.

Apply for a Postal Vote

Please complete the below survey and let us know your thoughts.

    Q1: Which issue matters most to you?

    Q2: Which political party do you most closely identify with?

    Q3: Which party would be your second choice?

    Q4: If there was an election tomorrow who would you vote for?

    Q5: Should Scotland be an independent country?

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